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Quest for the Realm:

Set in a peaceful kingdom in a peaceful world, two heroes are called upon by the King to embark on an adventure to save the Realm from an uncertain future.

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Welcome to my first game!

Quest for the Realm is an 8 bit action platformer set in a light hearted world filled with varied locations each offering new experiences and challenges.

You may choose one of two characters to play, the Knight and the Mage, each offering a different approach to navigating distinct and varied locations, and defeating the unique creatures that obstruct you.

Key Features.

  • -Light hearted, 8 bit retro aesthetic
  • -Choose from the close ranged Knight, or the long range Mage
  • -Different ways to play depending on your character
  • -Multiple ways to play levels
  • -Four distinct locations, each with their own native creatures


  • -CTRL to attack
  • -Z to jump
  • -Arrow keys to move

Install instructions

Click Download and enjoy!


Quest for the Realm 6 MB


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Finally completed both Knight and Mage :D.

I like how the knight swings his weapon.

Btw, when completing a level, a level square (in the map) has crack, the other has crack with holes, and the other one has no crack at all. Is there a hidden message there? :)

Also, there was a big coin in the first level. Is there a secret there too?

Ingenious world system! Great use of the colour palette too!

Your game is sooo CUTE, I love it! xD There are so many details. It's obvious you put a lot of time in this game. It's cleverly done, and it's fun to play^^